Personal Summary

As a design thinker, traveler, and parent, I develop creative and flexible solutions to complex and meaningful challenges. My drive to understand the entire system around a design challenge makes me a valuable leader on teams of various sizes and on projects in multiple industries. I studied music, ran a freelance design practice, lived and worked in 3 capital cities on two different continents, and have designed and distributed tools that solve problems ranging from community organising to enterprise profit maximisation. Because of my experiences, I am capable of taking on challenges of class, locale, context, usability, and resources.

Work Experience

UX & Product Designer

2016 - Present
VONQ, Amsterdam, NL

Product and UX designer for SAAS application. Organize and execute qualitative user research. Define jobs-to-be-done objectives, customer journeys, and workflows. Produce product concepts to elaborate product vision and deliver UX assets (wireframes, sitemaps, interactive prototypes). Help establish product roadmap through User-centered goals prioritization.

Design Mentor

2016 - Present, Worldwide

Remote mentor on distance learning platform. Advise and guide students increasing their knowledge of core UX and Design principles. Help to provide context, details, and real-word application of UX and Interaction Design notions.

UX Designer

2014 - 2016
Nipo Software, Amsterdam, NL

UX Designer for SAAS data collection platform. Delivered product designs, prototypes, interactive style guides, and pattern libraries. Organised and executed user testing and research. Helped establish product roadmap through user-centred goal prioritization.

Web Designer

2013 - 2014, Amsterdam, NL

Front-end designer on the Search Results team. Delivered user interface design, interactive prototypes, wireframes, and mock-ups. A/B and multivariate testing with live user-base. Public speaking at internal events.

Web & Multimedia Manager

2008 - 2013
Center for Constitutional Rights, New York City

In-house graphic designer, web developer, system administrator, and strategic media consultant. Helped envision, execute, maintain, and analyze multimedia that achieved campaign outreach and advocacy goals.

Database Architect & Circulation Marketer

2002 - 2007
The New York Sun, New York City

Online and offline database marketer and graphic designer. Circulation system database management to maximize return on investment of list acquisition and increase customer subscriptions.

Web & Multimedia Marketer

2000 - 2001
Universal Music Group, New York City

Online campaign designer and promoter. Website and video game development, email and database marketing; analytics and reporting.


Some side projects keeping me engaged and active.

AlterConf Public Speaking - AlterConf is a conference series that focuses on the powerful voices and positive initiatives of marginalized people in the tech and gaming industries. I've presented two talks, one in Paris, the other in London.
Slice & Pulp - A publication with some of my creative, critical, cultural, personal, and analytical writing.
The Food of Paradise - A combination of my long-form fiction writing and experiments in technology.